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PIER 17: Lower Manhattan, New York City

The Pier 17 project is an extensive urban renovation plan that requires rezoning in the Lower Manhattan district from a C2-8 zoning district to a C4-6 zoning district. For the project to be instilled, the contractors and architects need various special permits for a particular development area that grant permission to modify the height, length, and roof of the current Pier 17 building. Once these permits are obtained, contractors can upgrade the Working Pier space by increasing the waterfront public access area and creating unique, intelligent spaces that take advantage of unused areas while allowing pedestrians to gaze at the iconic Brooklyn Bridge and New York Harbor through various breathtaking vantage points. The proposed project seeks to transform the South Street Seaport into a modern utopia with improved pedestrian access to the waterfront, drawing tourists, residents, and workers alike to enjoy the industrial heritage of the waterfront with revitalized amenities. 

Additionally, contractors of the Pier 17 project plan are creating a flexible, open space that can be used for various activities. First off, the original faux-historic roof of the building will be stripped and replaced with a clean, minimalist design that is evocative of the seaport’s industrial history as a working waterfront. This new roof will be a publicly accessible area of 40,000 square feet created by leveling the pre-existing roof, allowing pedestrians to relax and absorb the incredible views of New York around them. There will also be a performance space on the roof that can be used for concerts, performances, and other events that enrich the unique history and culture of New York’s Seaport District. Additionally, leveling the roof will accommodate the second and third floors of the Pier 17 building, making space for larger tenants and reserving the ground floor for pedestrian circulation. 
Furthermore, large lawn areas will be allocated for a seating area during performances or simply pedestrian relaxation zones. Mobility and easy access will be created throughout the area, with escalators and elevators bringing people from the pier surface to the roof and making the space more disability-friendly. Ultimately, this renovation of Pier 17 is a retail vision of the current Seaport area that seeks to strike a balance between residents and tourists, all while serving as a public space reminiscent of Pier’s past as a bustling fish market.

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