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Our collective voices are vital to unite around the issue of climate change and bring the best solutions to the table.  The approach must be multi-disciplined and include all people, crossing geopolitical and socio economic divides.  Those countries able to 

Worldwide there is an ever increasing call for a level of energy efficiency which will have a meaningful impact on global warming.  Britain’s tidal, nuclear and wind leaders have stepped forward to make a historic and cohesive urgent request to their government to press forward with initiatives to eradicate climate change. Collectively, these organizations represent over 1,000 competing nuclear and renewables companies.

Researchers find collapse of West Antarctic ice sheet is irreversible, will bring meters of sea level rise over future centuries. =>Sea rise & ice

Paris Agreement: nearly all nations pledge to set targets for their own greenhouse gas cuts and to report their progress.=>International

Mean global temperature is 14.7°C, the warmest in thousands of years. Level of CO2 in the atmosphere reaches 400 ppm, the highest in millions of years.

In an ever evolving energy and design landscape, it will be those who continue to integrate best design practices with a working knowledge of municipal energy mandates who will make the most impact and add the most value .  

Many are debating the degree to which climate change is a catalyst in the trend of hurricanes and severe weather patterns.  After Hurricane Sandy touched down on October 29th and leaving the Caribbean, Mid-Atlantic and Northeastern United States reeling, can we afford to ignore realities, fail to ask the pivotal questions and do the important work?    

Here in the US, New York’s Mayor Bloomberg declared prior to the recent presidential election which re-elected President Barak Obama, that his vote would be cast based on the candidate that would best serve the environment.

It is in our hands to do what we can where we stand to make the planet more sustainable. 

Be clear, if we in America are to do our part to eradicate climate change it cannot be business as usual.


L. Charlie Oliver

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