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Master Series & Seminars

Master Series & Seminars

Powerful  Discussion on Energy Law & Technology
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Our Master Series and Seminars enable our members and guests to readily assess what is required and the next steps an organization must take to ensure regulatory compliance. The connection between clients and experts through actual courses enables both sides to share insights on the market. These mediums are a new tool through which companies and individuals will be able to gather information.

Short and Long Term Performance Indicators

We provide our professionals with information on identifying the short and long term performance indicators, energy security leading to critical infrastructure, impacts from climate change on building resiliency, current challenges in the energy supply market, and the role of sustainable methods for future growth. 


Specific Strategies Discussed

Often, courses deliver specific strategies on how to improve business, inform companies about sustainability, and create partnerships. 

Green Building Worldwide's goal is to educate and inform building owners, consultants, facility operators and corporations on the underlying issues and solutions which impede the sustainability and resiliency of the built environment. 

What our GUESTS are Saying.

About Green Building Worldwide

Why Green Building Worldwide?

We provide next generation platforms to support building, energy, environmental and policy leaders involved in capital  and development projects. Inclusion in both access and delivery is also at the core of who we are.


While GBW does not serve as a methodology or building rating system, our forums and platforms have gained the momentum required to bring about the knowledge and collaboration needed to make lasting impact.  

Methods for Achieving High-Performance Building and Infrastructure

Green Building Worldwide's program aims to providing relevant sources, tools and training to emerging professionals to meet the current sustainable building and design standards. We promote methods for achieving high-performance building and resilient infrastructure projects through efficient use of energy and resources.


GBW understands that successful partnerships are the cornerstone of good business and remain committed to identifying collaborative opportunities that are sound for the future of sustainable, resilient and equitable infrastructure.

Green Building Worldwide (GBW) is a Strategic Research, Advisory, and Legislative Consulting firm examining and communicating  the movement of government, the private sector and individual leaders charged with delivering sustainable buildings and resilient infrastructure.

A New Kind of Membership:  We possess the distinct ability to attract and assemble partners in architecture, energy, engineering, and the built community to pool together resources. Those enrolled in Green Building Worldwide's Professional Network are comprised of industry leaders, innovators, game changers, policy makers, market movers and decision makers.


We are pleased to have a proven track record of developing the formats now adopted by the industry, which affords these sectors to gain input on policies, share new initiatives and do business.  GBW's Professional Network is merely and extension of our work.

Please plan to join us, see us as an important tool in cementing your organization's strategy for 2022.  


Mega Projects, Infrastructure & Energy

Expanding Expertise, Market Knowledge and Reach

Capital Project, Infrastrucute and Mega Development Advisory:  Green Building Worldwide provides up to date and predictive information on Capital Projects and Mega Developments.  We deliver specific strategies to improve  business, inform companies on sustainable solutions and create partnerships.

Green Building Worldwide's goal is to educate and inform asset owners, consultants, facility operators and corporations on the underlying environments which impede sustainability and resiliency along with optimal solutions.

Master Series and Forums:  Our Master Series and Forums enable both members and clients to readily assess requirements and next steps an organization must take to ensure results and regulatory compliance.  These mediums are a new tool through which companies and individuals are able to achieve goals and maintain their competitiveness in the marketplace.

Technology and Methodology Advisory:  GBW's research team stays abreast of the developing technologies and their applications. We also provide details on the short and long term performance indicators related to deployable methodologies and energy security measures.









Christopher Mahase
Dir of Sustainability,

CEO to CEO Roundtable

As we try to move toward a sustainable future, it is important for industry professionals to create a dialogue and educate each other about developments in this field. The development of sustainable and reliable infrastructure is critical to energy security moving forward. Our energy infrastructure's capacity to withstand trying circumstances, such as extreme weather events and abnormally high energy demand, is a priority concern. With that said, industry discussion on legislative advances, micro grids  demand response and distributed generation programs as well as the economic realities are more necessary than ever. 


Our audience of industry professionals impact diverse sectors locally, nationally and globally. Their focus is on the continual integration of products, services, technologies and methodologies into their sustainability strategies. Working as trusted partners to numerous stakeholders, we are looked upon to organize and continue to be on the frontline of the strategies which eradicates carbon emissions, inform stakeholders, and speak to the best methodologies and technologies.


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