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The Transformation and Impact Forum of Staten Island, New York

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Transformation of Staten Island Mega Development and Infrastructure Networking Forum

Join key stakeholders during the Staten Island Mega Development and Infrastructure Networking Forum designed to provide insight into the surge of new developments and infrastructure initiatives in Staten Island.  All aimed at modernizing Staten Island and bringing it online with NYC hubs of power by increasing economic activity and bringing billions of dollars of investment into the city.  Be sure to register, space is limited. 


This forum will go a step beyond by sharing information on opportunities and focusing on economic impact, resiliency and sustainability.  



Bay Street Rezoning

LightHouse Point

Stapleton Waterfront

NYC Ferry

Saw Mill Creek Wetland Mitigation

Staten Island Five Wall Seawall


The Talking Points
Scope and Impact of Featured Projects and Initiatives, see above

Affordable Housing, Sustainability and Resiliency  Transportation Plans new

Reliance on Brooklyn and Manhattan to meet economic targets new

Movement and foreseeable impact of Opportunity Zones, 8 in Staten Island, new

Mechanisms and Pathways for participation of Businesses including MWBE Firms


Who Attends:

Business Owners and CEOs, Developers, Consultants, Solution Providers, Policy Makers


Project Descriptions: Staten Island Mega Development and Equity Forum

Mega Development and Equity Forum:  Staten Island, NY

Bay Street Rezoning

The City has delivered a 250 million dollar rezoning package will bring new apartments, retail, and offices to a 14 block span through Tompkinsville and Stapleton communities. 

The plan is to deliver  2,600 new apartments of which 450 units are permanently affordable and in line with the Mandatory Inclusionary Housing Program.  The Bay Street Corridor Neighborhood Plan also includes the completion of the Tompkinsville Esplanade, creating a continuous waterfront esplanade between Lighthouse Point and the New Stapleton Waterfront.


LightHouse Point

LightHouse Point is a 250 million dollar luxury apartment building with office space and a Westin Hotel. Expected completion date of phase one is late 2019. Phase II includes Westin New York Staten Island and 15,000 square feet of event space commence begin in 2020.


Stapleton Waterfront

The City is to invest nearly 200 million dollars into New Stapleton Waterfront public improvements.  Future phases of development will further encourage resiliency measures, affordable housing, and connectivity to the waterfront and transit.  This project is designed to activate a 35 acre waterfront in Downtown Staten Island for public open space, housing, a public school, jobs, transportation and infrastructure improvements, and other economic development initiatives.  The project is ongoing.


NYC Ferry

In the upcoming year, Staten Island residents will have a major link to Manhattan beyond the SI Ferry and network of express buses. The new NYC Ferry route connects Staten Island to the West Side of Manhattan. 


Saw Mill Creek Wetland Mitigation

The Saw Mill Creek pilot is NYs first mitigation bank to preserve such terrain, there are 1,000 similar projects across the U.S. that have helped rehabilitate more than 960,000 acres of wetlands. Waterfront infrastructure projects can now purchase tidal wetland mitigation credits from the Saw Mill Creek Pilot Wetland Mitigation Bank: NYC's first ever mitigation bank.  This bank provides compensatory mitigation credits to applicants who are going through the Federal and State permitting process. The city is wrapping up a 54-acre wetlands restoration on Staten Island’s west shore after years of dredging debris from Saw Mill Creek.


Staten Island Five Wall Seawall

Four Hundred Million dollars was received funding from the federal government.  The wall is  designed to function as both a barrier during major flooding events.  A 5.3mile seawall will connect Fort Wadsworth, just south of the Verrazzano Narrows Bridge, to Oakwood Beach.

The USACE plans to begin construction next year, with the whole thing expected to be complete by 2024. Construction is slated to break ground this year and the project is expected to be completed by 2022.


The When and Where: The Mega Development fun and Networking Forum

Time: 4:30pm to 6:00pm

Date: Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Location: One Seaport Square, 199 Water Street, New York City (South Street Seaport)

Event Type:  Forum and Networking, refreshments will be served


Our vision is to increase our partners understanding and participation in diverse markets and sectors where all stakeholders goals are respected and met.  


We thank you for your continued participation and look forward to furthering our work of bridging the gap. If you would like to know how you can become involved in our efforts, contact me directly at 212.500.1160, Ext. 700.


Best regards,

The Green Building Worldwide Team

Impact Panel: View of the Future for High Performance and Efficient Buildings

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Join Green Building Worldwide, WeWork and A2M for this important panel discussion on the Future of High Performance Buildings to be held on July 17, 2019. Refreshments will be served.  Be sure to register as limited seats remain.


This distinguished and dynamic panel is designed to discuss what is on the horizon for high performance buildings.  Additional talking points will include advances in infrastructure, technology, renewable resources, funding, and collaboration. Buildings over 25,000 square feet and the Climate Mobilization Act may also be discussed.

Moderator: L. Charlie Oliver, CEO, Green Building Worldwide

Panelists: in formation

Michel Rojkind, Senior Vice President of Architecture, WeWork

Manon Meskens, Architect, A2M

Jamie Hahn, Regional Director, Site1001

Thomas Baade-Mathiesen, Vice President, Altanova

Christopher Williams, Fellow, Green Building Worldwide


When and Where:

Wednesday, July 17, 2019,  WeWork, 115 Broadway, New York City from 5:30 to 7:00pm

About WeWork

WeWork has 466,000 members working out of 485 locations in more than 100 cities in 28 countries. Its revenue has grown from $75 million in 2014 to $1.8 billion last year. Three years ago, it had 1,000 employees; today, it has 12,000 and is adding 100 every week. It has installed 22 million square feet of the glass partitions that have defined an era of workplace aesthetics, and last fall, it became Manhattan’s largest tenant. (In Central London, it is second only to the British government).  The We Company is now America’s most highly valued start-up, at $47 billion — at least for the moment. 

About Green Building Worldwide

Green Building Worldwide is a strategic research, communications, legislative advisory and training firm.  Our audience of industry professionals impact diverse sectors locally, nationally and globally. Their focus is on the continual integration of products, services, technologies and methodologies into their sustainability strategies. Working as trusted partners, we are looked upon to organize and remain on the frontline.


About A2M

A2M has grown to become a leader and an authority in passive, sustainable, zero energy and carbon neutral buildings. The firm is also committed to passing on its expertise on the subject by giving out high-quality (environmentally conscious) trainings to different actors in the building industry, and writing articles regarding lessons learned from various projects throughout Europe, Africa and the USA (M2A). A2M now has offices in Brussels and Lisbon, and a sister company, M2A, in the United States.   


We look forward to your participation to round out the discussion, due to the timeline please RSVP with your availability.  If you have any questions or comments, please contact me at 212.500.1160, ext. 700.





L. Charlie Oliver

CEO & Chief Analyst

Green Building Worldwide

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We are very pleased by the response received. Each interactive discussion fosters one on one dialogue, networking and increased resource sharing.  We look forward to your participation. If you would like to be included in our database for opportunities in green building or infrastructure, feel free to contact us at 212.500.1160.