Anchor Class: Construction Industry and Related Professionals Convene to discuss the amended New Yor

Thursday, November 17, 2016: Construction Industry and Related Professionals Convene to discuss the amended New York City Energy Conservation Code (manual and online resource included) - 9:30am to 11:30am

The construction industry and related professionals will need to understand the scope, general requirements modified by the recent changes to the New York City Energy Conservation Code.

MARKET FACTS: Energy Conservation Measures

  • By 2023 building owners are expected to invest 160 billion dollars in energy efficiency and the corresponding technology

  • Energy Conservation Measures alone have the potential yield 2.7 billion dollars in energy cost savings, reduce current building-based emissions by 33 percent and creating approximately 15,000 direct construction-related jobs. New York City has chosen to take a decided position with respect to addressing the reality that 70 percent of its carbon emissions com from its building stock with the recent enactment of bold legislation

  • 51 percent of Architects, Engineers and Construction firms know that 60 percent of their work will be attributed to sustainability and resiliency

Discussion Objectives:

  • Scope and General Requirements of the amended NYC Energy Conservation Code

  • Overview of Construction Documents

  • Steps in Passing Inspections

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