CEO to CEO: Capital Projects, Amendments to NYC Local Law 86, OnSite Generation

Thursday, May 19th, 2016 for a dynamic CEO to CEO PowerBreakfast. CEO’s and leaders from diverse sectors will convene for a solid discourse on capital projects, Amendments to LL86, building design, technology, energy, and strategic collaboration. Early registration ends on May 5th, regular registration thereafter. We thank you for your continued participation.

Breakfast Focus: Capital Projects Outlook: Onsite Generation, Combined Heating and Power, Advances in Sustainable Building Standards, and Strategic Collaborations


Governor's Office of Storm Recovery, Jonnel Doris, Chief Diversity Officer Waldron Engineering and Construction, Terrence Waldron, CEO Green Building Worldwide, L. Charlie Oliver, CEO

Roundtable Discussion: Strategic Collaboration

  • Governor's Office of Storm Recovery, Procurement Opportunities and Push for Technologies

  • 2016 Game Changing Amendments to NYC Local Law 86, the impact on NYC Capital Projects, Onsite Generation and Combined Heat and Power

  • NYSERDA FlexTech Program, Capital Projects and Facilities

  • Working with Board of Directors

Market Outlook: Capital Projects , Amendments to NYC Local Law

86, OnSite Generation

In these economically and politically challenging times, Capital projectsand infrastructure, CP&I, CEOs acknowledge that they need to address greater expectations from wider stakeholders if they want to grow their business successfully. Forging good governmental relationships is key, given government’s frequent involvement in infrastructure projects. Cultivating and adapting to a world of multiple stakeholders, diverse values and attitudes is also critical. And given the public scope of many capital and infrastructure projects, communicating the environmental impact and the wider value for local communities will also be an important part of doing business in this new multi-polar world. Technology helps, of course: 90 percent of CP&I CEOs also indicate that they use technology to assess and deliver on stakeholder expectations. - PwC The New York City Council recently approved two important Amendments to Local Law 86, both solid steps toward Mayor de Blasio’s quest for New York City to emerge as the global leader in sustainability and resiliency. Steps as outlined in the One City, Built to Last Plan developed by the Office of Long Term Planning and Sustainability. The amendments call for increased use and plan for lower energy intensity methodologies, phasing in Passivehaus standards in all New York City capital projects. Onsite generation and increased reporting requirements are also among the cornerstones of the amendments to Local Law 86. This is a significant momentum nationally as capital project and infrastructure spending in the US is expected to grow by approximately 3 percent per year on average over the coming decade, exceeding 975 billion dollars by 2025. A momentum aimed at the reduction of carbon emissions is at its core.

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