CEO to CEO PowerBreakfast with Governor’s Office of Storm Recovery - January 26, 2017


Meet Ivana Harrington

Program Manager for the Infrastructure Program & Sr. Program Manager for the Community Reconstruction Program, 

Governor’s Office of Storm Recovery Office of Diversity and Civil Rights


Please plan to join Green Building Worldwide on Thursday, January 26, 2017 for a CEO to CEO Roundtable discussion designed to bring stakeholders from distinct sectors together to have a timely discourse on energy, infrastructure, and public private partnerships. 


Market Outlook: Capital Projects 

In these economically and politically challenging times, Capital projects and infrastructure, CP&I, CEOs acknowledge that they need to address greater expectations from wider stakeholders if they want to grow their business successfully. Forging good governmental relationships is key, given government’s frequent involvement in infrastructure projects. Cultivating and adapting to a world of multiple stakeholders, diverse values and attitudes is also critical. And given the public scope of many capital and infrastructure projects, communicating the environmental impact and the wider value for local communities will also be an important part of doing business in this new multi-polar world. - PwC 



Ivana Harrington

Program Manager for the Infrastructure Program & Sr. Program Manager for the Community Reconstruction Program, 

Governor’s Office of Storm Recovery Office of Diversity and Civil Rights

Ms. Harrington has developed policy, processes, procedures alongside Jonnel Doris the former Chief Diversity Officer and with Jahmeliah Nathan the current Chief Diversity Officer working closely with Kris Van Orsdel the Managing Director, Infrastructure & Local Government Programs and Thomas King, Counsel.


Talking Points:

  • Update of Infrastructure Program

  • Update of Community Reconstruction Program

  • Opportunities

New York’s 30 percent MWBE contract utilization goal, the highest in the nation, and encouraged the participation of MWBE firms throughout the State. During recent remarks, Ms. Bova-Hiatt specifically spoke about opportunities available through GOSR’s comprehensive portfolio of NY Rising programs, as the agency continues to pave the way for a better, stronger New York.


As we invest $4.4 billion in federal Community Development Block Grant, Disaster Recovery (CDBG-DR) funding, we remain whole-heartedly committed to forging partnerships with the State’s outstanding MWBE companies, she said. By tapping into the talents and skill sets of these firms, we understand that everyone wins. Together we can build in a more resilient manner that is better prepared to withstand the impacts of future storms.


The Date:

Thursday, January 26, 2017

The Time: 

9:00am to 11am 

The Place:

Green Building Worldwide, 110 Wall Street, New York City.


About Us: Green Building Worldwide (GBW) is a Strategic Research,Communications, and Legislative Consulting firm.  GBW examines, and communicates the movement  of government, the private sector and individual leaders in delivering sustainable buildings and resilient infrastructure. While GBW does not serve as a methodology or building rating system, their forums and platforms have gained the momentum required to bring about the knowledge and collaboration needed to make lasting impact.


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We are very pleased by the response received surrounding our Roundtables, Seminars and Classes. Each interactive discussion fosters one on one dialogue, networking and increased resource sharing. 


We look forward to your participation. If you would like to be included in our database for opportunities in green building or infrastructure construction, please contact us at 212.500.1160.



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