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Brooklyn Mega Development and Infrastructure Forum, Part Two

Market Moves - Brooklyn Mega Development and Infrastructure Forum, Part Two. We are pleased to include Chestnut Commons, a new project that is a direct result of the 205 block East New York rezoning. Come out meet one of the leading developers for both Chestnut Commons and the Peninsula.

The Discussion: Brooklyn Development and Infrastructure Forum, Part II

Overview of Development and Infrastructure Projects

Capital, Investment Priorities

Contracting Opportunities

Meet the Developer: Chestnut Commons new

Chestnut Commons is a new project with the 205 Block East New York Rezoning,

One of the last remaining large plots of underused city owned land in New York City, Chestnut Commons will bring over 270 new units to the market. This project will be built to Passive House standards.

The Brooklyn Development and Infrastructure Projects:

Chestnut Commons, new

East New York Rezoning

Brooklyn Navy Yard

Bedford Union Armory

Industry City

Ocean Dreams

Coney Island Comprehensive Development

Brooklyn Development and Infrastructure Projects: brief description

East New York Rezoning

The zoning plan would bring 6,500 new apartments to the East New York area, with approximately half of them being affordable. The City approved the rezoning, pushing forward the planned revitalization of 205 blocks in Brooklyn which includes East New York, Cypress Hills and Ocean Hill.

Chestnut Commons

This 270 plus unit development is designed to incorporate an energy recovery system, continuous air barrier, high performance glazing, minimize thermal bridging as well as general sustainable practices such as active design, community terraces, solar panel array, energy management system and low V.O.C paint. Chestnut Commons will also have an innovative community center offering satellite courses in partnership with Kingsborough Community College, a black box theater programmed by ARTS East New York, a food manufacturing kitchen incubator, health and social services, and additional community and recreational uses.

Brooklyn Navy Yard

The 2.5 billion dollar building plan will more than quadruple its current workforce. The ongoing navy yards expansion includes the creation of a waterfront office building and co working space. The new building plan is for 5.1 million more square feet.

Bedford Union Armory

The project will bring apartments and a recreation center to Crown Heights. The 180 foot tall structure will yield 336,100 square feet of residential use. 330 apartments will be brought to market.

Industry City

Formerly titled Bush Terminal, IC is a collection of enormous warehouses stationed from 32nd to 37th Streets on Third Avenue, and from 39th Street to the waterfront on Second Avenue, each of which was once part of the waterfronts intermodal shipping, warehouse, and manufacturing complex.

Ocean Dreams

Ocean Dreams is a new apartment development by Red Apple Group currently under construction at 3514 Surf Avenue, Kings Count. The development is scheduled for completion in 2019. Ocean Dreams will bring a total of 425 units to market

Coney Island Redevelopment

Through zoning changes, mapping actions, and strategic capital investments, the Comprehensive Plan for Coney Island will reinvigorating this fabled amusement and entertainment destination. The redevelopment will include amusement parks, infrastructure projects, mixed use mega developments and office space.

Green Building Worldwide Development and Infrastructure Forum have been met with great interest as we discuss the NYC Ten Year Capital Strategy and 95.8 billion in planned spending for housing, commercial revitalization and infrastructure.

Place: Grand Central, 450 Lexington Avenue, New York City 10017

Time: 5:30pm to 7:00pm

Date: Thursday, September 6, 2018

Registration includes: Information Packed Presentations and Refreshments

About Green Building Worldwide: GBW is a strategic research, communications, and legislative consulting firm. The Development and Infrastructure Forums are a collaboration between Green Building Worldwide and EIG. We thank you for your continued participation.

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