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Mega Development Forum on Long Island City Projects and Impact of Amazon HQ2

Join Green Building Worldwide for an unique informational session on the major developments underway in Long Island City, New York. We will share our key insights into each development, where the details and major impacts of each development will be openly discussed. In addition, the arrival of Amazon’s new headquarters into Long Island City and all associated developments will be discussed.

Long Island City is one of NYCs most up and coming districts, as the neighborhood is poised to welcome tens of thousands of new residents. There are over 350 developments in the works to meet these population growth demands with major opportunities for new office space, retail locations, and affordable and mixed-use housing. Green Building Worldwide will shed light on how your organization can get involved.

THE DISCUSSION: Long Island City Developments

Anable Basin

Amazon HQ2. Hunters Point South

Queens Plaza Park


Eagle Electric Redevelopment (Eagle Lofts)

ODA New York 27th Street


This 3 billion dollar project will provide condominiums to the East Waterfront area of Long Island City. The 70 story development will also provide retail and commercial space along with a public waterfront esplanade with direct waterfront access. The development will consist of 5.8 million square feet in total building space. Anable Basin will also be the location of the new Amazon HQ2.

Hunters Point South

The two respective 32 story and 55 story towers that make up Hunters Point South will offer mixed-use and affordable housing to residents of many different backgrounds. As Phase I is completed, Phase 2 will cost 500 million dollar, span a total of 240,000 square feet, and include 40,000 square feet of retail and community facility space. The project will also provide commercial/retail space and a waterfront park.

Queens Plaza Park

Expected to be the tallest building in Queens, this development consists of a 710 foot tall tower yielding 978k square feet of residential use along with commercial and retail space. The building offers an outdoor pool, a 20,000 square foot gym, and more exciting features for the building occupants.


The two 26 story towers comprising this project will offer 1.1 million square feet in office-use development. This 700 million dollar project is poised to offer 50,000 square feet of retail space, as well. In addition, employees working in this building will have access to an 1 acre outdoor park on the 5th floor.

Eagle Electric Redevelopment, Eagle Lofts

The Eagle Lofts in Long Island City are 54 stories tall yielding 712,000 square feet in residential space. The development is designed to maintain the industrial look of the original building within the new residential units.

ODA New York 27th Street

This 18 floor development will offer 140,130 square feet in total building size. The development will offer residential space with many comfortable amenities. The development incurred total hard costs 55,000,000 dollars.

Mega Development and Infrastructure Forum: Long Island City The When and Where: Grand Central Time: 5:30pm to 7:30pm Date: December 6th, 2018 Location: Grand Central, 450 Lexington Ave, New York, New York 10017

Refreshments will be served.

About Green Building Worldwide: GBW is a strategic research and advisory consulting firm. We provide next generation platforms to support building, corporate, environmental and policy leaders involved in capital and development projects. Inclusion in both access and delivery is also at the core of who we are. Our forums are a collaboration between Green Building Worldwide and EIG. We thank you for your continued participation and look forward to furthering our work of bridging the gap. If you would like to know how you can become involved in our efforts, contact me directly at 212.500.1160

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