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Mega Development Forum on Long Island City Projects and Post Amazon HQ2 Impact, Round Two


Join Green Building Worldwide for a unique informational session on the major developments underway in Long Island City and post Amazon HQ2. We will share insights into each development, where the details of each will be openly discussed. In addition, we will discuss the the impact and opportunities resulting from the fall out of Amazon’s new headquarters into Long Island City.

THE DISCUSSION: Long Island City Developments and Amazon HQ2, Part Two

Court Square City View Towers, LIC

44-40 Vernon Boulevard, LIC

22-43 Jackson Avenue, LIC

5 Pointz

23-15 44th Drive, LIC

Special presentation on the post Amazon HQ2 impact and opportunities

Long Island City is one of NYCs most active districts with over 350 developments in the works with unprecedented opportunities for new office space, retail locations, and affordable and mixed-use housing to meet these population growth demands. Green Building Worldwide will shed light on how your organization can get involved.


Court Square City View Towers, LIC

This skyscraper is poised to claim the title of Queens tallest tower at 752 feet tall. Court Square City View Tower will have 802 apartments with unparalleled skyline views and all of the typical luxury amenities. The tower delivers up to 1.5 million square feet at the center of the Long Island City’s commercial core and includes a lobby dedicated for Amazon’s sole use. The owner is currently developing 150,000 square feet of lifestyle-driven retail space.

44-40 Vernon Boulevard, LIC - Paragon Paint

The old Paragon Paint Factory, located Long Island City, is being converted into a series of three buildings that will rise 8, 14, and 28 stories, and have a total of 296 apartments. Rather than razing the factory, developers will incorporate it into the base of one of the towers. The project will also include a new waterfront esplanade.

5 Pointz

5 Pointz leaves behind its days as NYC’s graffiti mecca, as the residential development of the site moves full steam ahead. Construction work of the 41 and 48 story rental towers is poised to bring 1,115 apartments to the neighborhood. The towers debuted their facade in early November, and construction is scheduled to wrap next year.

22-43 Jackson Avenue, LIC

In April 2016, the developer announced plans to bring a relatively small condo building to Long Island City, across from the 5 Pointz site. The building will have 71 condos, spread out on floors two through seven. Plans also call for three retail spaces on the ground floor. Construction began in August 2017 and will wrap up sometime in 2020.

Mega Development and Infrastructure Forum: Long Island City Developments, Part Two

The When and Where: Tower 49

Time: 4:30pm to 6:00pm

Date: Thursday, May 2, 2019

Location: Tower 49, 12 East 49th Street, New York City

Refreshments will be served.

Registration Includes: Appetizers, refreshments, presentations and extraordinary networking.

About Green Building Worldwide: GBW is a strategic research and advisory consulting firm. We provide next generation platforms to support building, corporate, environmental and policy leaders involved in capital and development projects. Inclusion in both access and delivery is also at our core.

Our forums are a collaboration between Green Building Worldwide and EIG. We thank you for your continued participation and look forward to furthering our work of bridging the gap. If you would like to know how you can become involved in our efforts, contact me directly at 212.500.1160

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