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Mega Development & Infrastructure Forum: The Transformation of the Lower Manhattan Mega Development

The Transformation of the Lower Manhattan Mega Development and Resiliency Initiatives

The area is bustling with cranes and developers investing billions into promising new projects and initiatives. Join Green Building Worldwide for this important roundtable to be held on July 17, 2019 for an enhanced discussion on new developments coming online and key resiliency initiatives. Registration includes complimentary WeWork hosted panel discussion (see below). Be sure to register as limited seats remain.

The Discussion:

New and Proposed Developments include 80 South Street and 2 Manhattan West, and 80 Broad Street

Key resiliency measures in LOMA estimated to be 80 bn dollars

80 South Street

Among New York City supertalls expected to rise as part of the current development boom, 80 South Street which would result in the tallest building by roof height in all of Lower Manhattan, likely approaching 1,500 feet above street level.

2 Manhattan West

Developers are officially set to construct Two Manhattan West. The near supertall tower will be the second tallest skyscraper in the Manhattan West complex, comprising two million square feet of space, rising 935 feet to its rooftop, and enclosing 62 floors of office space, all at a cost of approximately 2 billion dollars.

20 Broad Street

New York Stock Exchange building at 20 Broad Street will be converted into apartments is moving forward after the city’s Department of Buildings gave the developer the all clear last week. The 27 story building from Vornado Realty Trust back in 2015 for 185 million dollars, and announced its intention to convert the office building into apartments.

Mega Development and Infrastructure Forum: Lower Manhattan

The When and Where: WeWork

Time: 3:30pm to 5:00pm

Date: Wednesday,July 17, 2019

Location: Tower 115 Broadway, New York City

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