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The Live Forum: Energy and Grid Modernizing - Technology, Funding & Impact, Thursday, August 5, 2021

Why we focus on Grid Modernization and Infrastructure:

​To provide economic competitiveness, environmental equity, and energy security we must replace, modernize and expand. Over the past two decades, technological innovation has unlocked vast energy resources and catalyzed the deployment of capital throughout the entire energy value chain. The Biden administration will be executing Grid modernization projects according to guidelines suggested by energy and climate experts.

The Discussion

  • Funding for Grid Modernization, primary incentives and initiatives

  • National Grid Modernization Projects

  • Case Study on unprecedented Grid Modernization and the Delivery Imprint

  • What enterprises inclusive of disadvantaged firms must do to stay abreast of updates and increase participation

GBW Partner: The Equitable Infrastructure Group

Established in 2017, the Equitable Infrastructure Group (EIG) is the number one source for infrastructure and equity. EIG delivers stakeholders and clients early entry into markets and opportunities in both the private and public realms. EIG has traversed nearly $790 billion in projects nationally in 2022 .

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