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The Fellows Institute

Green Building Worldwide's Sustainable Education Institute enables, on a competitive basis, students to learn real-world applications.  Working in a team environment, they set out to explore the full spectrum.  It is here that their skills are developed, and perspectives broadened.


The Sustainable Education Institute (SEI): 

  • Assists Students in understanding real world consequences of unsustainable practices in the built environment sectors

  • Provides a professional environment to discover and hone skills

  • Identifies each student's specific interests

  • Creates the optimal environment for students to work as a team with experienced researchers to develop projects and reports

  • Assists in their understanding the specific focus of stakeholders

  • Provides a medium for an international understanding of best practices and methodologies


GBW firmly believes in creating the environment for tomorrow's leaders to emerge. 

Fellows Today, Ambassadors Tomorrow. What young leaders are really saying about interning with Green Building Worldwide ...

A few past fellow remarks:

Hong Kong SAR

Liam Shao

Charlie, It was with all your love and support that I will be joining a top-tier U.S. law firm. Although it has been two years since my summer at Green Building Worldwide, I still see it as a once-in-a-lifetime experience and a solid stepping stone to my future career in law. "

New York

Collette McCullagh

“I love interning at GBW because at GBW I am surrounded by individuals who are unified by a common goal of making our planet a greener and more sustainable place. GBW's enthusiastic and innovative atmosphere makes it incredibly unique and inspires me every day to make a positive impact on our planet.”


Robin Mahmood 

“'Green Building Worldwide is a place of creativity. Similarly, the working environment is very supportive and allows me the opportunity to show my potentiality.”

Manchester, England, UK

Kelsey Francis

During this time, I worked closely with L. Charlie Oliver who took me under her wing to teach me what she knew so that I could not only settle into the role and feel comfortable in America, but also to improve me as a worker so I can advance in the future. I will forever be thankful to Charlie for her faith in me, her determination to complete the lengthy process to get me here and her trust in my abilities to add value to GBW. I would recommend GBW to anybody that enjoys a challenge and wants to truly test their character and intellect as well as make some life-long friends along the way."

New York

Michael Liang

“Thank you so much, Charlie. I have always valued the time I spent at GBW because it helped me grow as an engineering student and as a person in general.  ”

New York

Anastasia Sorokina

“I love the ambitious and enthusiastic GBW team,  all working together towards company's success. The company's policy of transparency and receptivity gives me opportunity to learn from everyone’s experience. Internship at GBW is great for networking, learning professional ethics and progress.” 

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